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Adax Machine Company routinely invests in cutting-edge technology, outfitting our facility with the latest high-accuracy and high-speed equipment. Our CNC milling and turning centers and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems allow us to produce high-quality parts precision-machined to your specifications. Ask our staff of machining experts about our CAD/CAM capabilities, working from either drawings or CAD files.

One Hardinge Conquest T42 CNC Lathe

  • 18-T Fanuc Control
  • 1-5/8 Thru Spindle
  • 12 Station Turret
  • 15 hp, 6,000 rpm
  • .000025 max. Spindle TIR
  • .000020 Turret Indexing Repeatability
  • 0.0005 Axis Repeatability

One Amera-Seiki TC-2 CNC Lathe

  • 2" Thru Spindle
  • 12 Station Turret
  • 25 hp, 5,000 rpm
  • .000025max. Spindle TIR
  • .000020 Turret Indexing Repeatability
  • 0.0005 Axis Repeatability

One Nakamura TMC-1

  • GE Funuc Series O-T
  • 8 Station Turret
  • 1 Station 0.2 Sec. Ultra speed indexing
  • X:12M/Min 472 ipm,Z:24m/Min 945 ipm rapid traverse

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hom1Since 1986, Adax Machine Company has proudly offered the finest in precision machining and assembly fabrication. Our mission is two-fold: to deliver the highest possible standard of workmanship and service; and to form long-term partnerships with you, our customers, by working with you and helping you make decisions that will best meet your business needs, both now and in the future.

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